If you’re always seeking out the hidden treasures and willing to veer off the trodden path, Diani has a few more gems up her sleeve. Today, we take a different route to spice up your sense wonder & curiosity with activities that are not in the usual trip itinerary and that many people don’t usually do.  

Go to the End of Diani Beach –  Chale Island with a Bike.


3 Little-known things to do in Diani 1
Image Courtesy of The Sands At Chale Island

Chale Island is arguably the only resort Island in Kenya. And Diani is the gateway to this amazing Island. To get there you can easily rent bicycles at the Baharini shopping center or if you’re seeking an even more thrilling ride,  go for the big four-wheel dune buggies (Quad bikes) which can be rented just a few meters away from the same shopping center. 

Pedal way or kick the quads towards the South as you explore the incredible resort villages of Diani, Kinondo, Galu and eventually through a desolate but amazingly beautiful area towards Chale. The earth road passes through the Kinondo forest before getting to Chale. There, you will be wowed by the beauty of Chale Island.


  1. Dive into Africa at the rock pools of Tiwi


3 Little-known things to do in Diani 2

Yes. You can actually dive into Africa. There is a place in Tiwi where you can dive into an oddly shaped rock pool that actually resembles the map of Africa. Here, you can snorkel or dive into the pool and enjoy the colorful underwater kaleidoscope in the clear waters of the Indian Ocean. You can hire the snorkeling gear from the local operators or bring your own and spend a few delightful hours in the warm-clear waters and enjoy a superb break.


  1. Find Trinkets & Carvings at the Engraved Gourds from Diani Markets.


3 Little-known things to do in Diani 3

There are tens of shops/wooden shacks and open-air vendors along Diani Beach where you can go for a hunt of unique little treasures that please your eyes. Some of the trinkets are unimaginative and generic but amongst them, you will find some exquisite things like a nicely carved bone pedant or a polished coconut shell jewelry box. You have to see a lot of things to find your treasure but there is something for everyone. Bring your best haggling skills and you will be surprised at how little you spend in this treasure hunt.