Getting kids involved in interesting activities to avoid the boredom bug shouldn’t be an option for anyone visiting Diani Beach. There is a lot to do with so little time but for the young ones, the activities can get limited seeing as some of the beach activities are pretty dangerous. However, there are still some things that your one-year-old, three and ten-year-old will gladly join in. Most of these are basic beachside activities that require little to no effort. Here are a few suggestions you can use when planning a fun beach day for your little ones.



Sand Art & Drawings


Kids can use the expansive white sands at Diani Beach as artboards to draw their next masterpieces. They get to draw pictures of their favourite objects or people. It’s a seemingly simple activity which they can grow fond of pretty quick as they only need to use a stick or their bare fingers.


Treasure hunts 


Treasure Hunts at the beach

Kids love engaging in meaningful challenges and treasure hunts are right on top of those challenges. Engage them on a quest to find something interesting or valuable at the Beach. This could be either some seashells or rare rock and whoever brings back the most interesting find gets a reward. Kids love rewards even for the most mundane things.


Building Sand Sculptures


Get the kids to make sculptures of sea animals like turtles and the big fish. Participating in this activity as a family makes it even better and the kids get really thrilled. While they build the sculptures you can participate by building a huge sandcastle to house them as you while your time away on Diani Beach. Alternatively, you can build a huge sandcastle as a family to encourage teamwork.


Blowing Bubbles


Young boy blowing-bubbles at the Beach

Bubble blowing is a little more fun at the beach. The windy beaches provide a great environment for the bubbles to form and your kids will be occupied for a long time. Your kids can chase the bubbles around and be blown away by the ‘magic.’ Toys for this activity are readily available in many supermarkets and are relatively affordable.


Camel rides


Camel riding along Diani Beach can be quite exhilarating and can also be a great way to get to the different beach restaurants along the coastline. Your kids will definitely love the camel rides on Diani Beach as they take in the rhythmic sway of the camel’s gait from a traditional saddle.